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In a world cluttered with excess, Belle, the creative force behind Mini Home Deco, discovered the power of minimalism. It was during a transformative trip to Scandinavia that she became enamored with the elegance and simplicity of Nordic design. The thoughtfully curated spaces she encountered were both functional and beautiful, making her realize that less truly is more.

Belle returned home with a newfound purpose and a dream to share her passion for minimalism with others. was born, dedicated to providing timeless, high-quality home decor pieces that embody the essence of minimalist design. Every item in our collection is meticulously selected to ensure that your home reflects your unique taste, while maintaining a sense of serenity and calm.


At, we believe that a well-designed space has the power to transform your life. Our mission is to help you declutter, simplify, and create a sanctuary within your home that nourishes your soul. Join us on this journey to embrace minimalism and discover the beauty in simplicity.

Our Resident Designers

Beste Yazici interior designer

Beste Yazici - Bx Design Studio Ltd

Beste Yazici is a master interior architect and the owner of Bx Design Studio Ltd. She's studied Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and graduated with high honours. She's done her master's in Sustainable Design at University of Brighton afterwards, before starting her own business based in the UK. Right now, she's giving interior design lectures at HDI Paris, and running her interior architecture and graphic design company Bx Design Studio Ltd, working on various international design projects.

Beste Yazic's Work

Kasia Nowicka

Kasia Nowicka - ShowMeDesign

Kasia is self-motivated Interior Designer with 9+ years of experience. Demonstrating expertise in designing workspaces, hospitality and residential projects. She is an enthusiastic individual with a strong passion and appreciation for creativity and design. Kasia has excellent space planning & conceptual designing skills. She graduated from The University of Suffolk and she is the founder of ShowMeDesign. According to her work philosophy, design should be functional and relate to the user and location.

Kasia Nowicka's Work