5/28/14 by: ADMIN

When designing and building a home it seems that the most thought goes into the kitchen and/ or the great room. After that it is the master bed and bath. But for today we are going to talk about the kitchen and more to the point the countertop.

More and more I hear people talking about quartz like this from Lowe’s Quartz Countertops. Quartz is the most durable countertop I have found which is why it is becoming so popular. I put it in a remodel that I did not too long ago and that is what sold the house. We all know that the kitchen is the most important room in the house so put your money into that room. It is still the gathering room which is why the great room has become so popular. Anyway quartz does not need to be sealed, ever. You can put hot things on it straight out of the oven. If you spill wine, or anything for that matter, it will not stain. And whether or not you know it vinegar will damage granite but it cannot hurt quartz at all. I like quartz like the one above. Which you can tell right away it is not granite. Quartz is a mixture of natural stone and a manmade material.

But you can also get it in a design like the one below and it does look like granite. Now the quartz that is made to look like granite can also be distinguished from real granite if you look closely and know how to tell it apart. However most people still will just take a close look and think it is granite and not give it a second thought.

Are more people getting granite, which of course is still very popular, or quartz? Well it really comes down to what you like and how much abuse your house will take. I especially like quartz for people with kids because when they are teenagers and starting to do some cooking I assure you the kitchen counter will be abused.

But you may wonder what is cheaper and the answer to that is they are about the same price. So you do not get quartz to save money you only get it for the easy care. Granite will always be more unique because it is not man made and therefore cannot be reproduced.